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This has been a rough few weeks in the media. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve suffered through awkward silences because we weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry…and then to top it all off, HURRICANE MATTHEW. All that hoopla aside, I promise this announcement will make you smile again:

On Wednesday, October 26th, Stronger Than Stigma is teaming up with the Museum of Science and History to present you with a passionate, honest panel discussion about the status of mental health in North Florida.

Our speakers will be experts in their fields, so no fact-checking or head-scratching necessary! Plus, our moderator won’t stand for any interruptions! We’re excited that our Executive Director, Gabrielle Magid, will be asking the tough questions and shining some light on an issue we care about in the city we love.

We’ve asked Dr. Kent Wenger, a Board-certified psychiatrist from Gainesville, FL, Dr. Mohit Chauhan, a researcher at Mayo Clinic, Katrina Taylor the Director of School Behavioral Health for Duval County, and Dr. Eric Haas the Senior Medical Director of Clinical Affairs at Florida Blue to be with us and to share with us what the reality is here in the bold new city of the South.

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. for the early birds who want to snag a front row seat and panel begins promptly at 6:30. And BONUS: we’ll be in the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium. How cool is that?!

Don’t miss this incredible evening–it’s free! RSVP to events@themosh.org