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This morning I woke up to Darkness.

It crept into my bed through the silence of night
And wrapped its veil around my eyes.
How did it find me here?
I thought I had outrun it.

But the Darkness never really lets you go.
Brimming at the surface of a box I thought locked
the Darkness seeped out;
The box must have dropped.

It must have been angry;
Three years in a box gives it time to grow, I guess.
A glimpse of freedom is a powerful force.

But things have changed.
I will not allow myself to be hijacked again,
Not like the last time.
I will not succumb to the Blackness:
The thought of a gun to my temple
or a rope at my neck.

It has strength, but so do I.
The Light tail of love is always within reach
And I must grab on.
We all must grab on
To lift ourselves out from its deafening hold.

Its chains are not shackles,
Just a thin piece of thread
Blowing in a glorious gale of Lightness.


Luke Williams is currently pursuing a Ph.D in chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. Outside of the scientific endeavor, he engages his artistic side through a variety of outlets, including writing poetry. Otherwise, he is usually enjoying the Colorado foothills with his dog, Leo.