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Like, how should I send my submission? We currently accept submissions via email: strongerthanstigma@gmail.com. Please no Howlers, Bat-Signals or Jack Berger-esque Post-It notes.

When can I send you something? Submissions may be sent at any time, year-round, but please keep
in mind we publish posts on Wednesdays. (Unless it’s Thursday and this is happening.)

Okay, but this piece is really special and the formatting is
sacred. Can I trust you? 
Absolutely. If you choose to
submit a creative piece, please let me know if there are any special line
breaks/spacing needs/images that need to be considered before being published.

Yeah, that’s cool. Anything else I should know about formatting? Glad you asked! As a general rule of thumb, we are looking for pieces that are about one single-spaced, typed page in length. We are willing to consider a longer piece, but keep in mind that we may ask you to cut it down to keep it in line with our vision.

Um, what if my piece has been published already? Man, that’s cool. We’ve got no problem with featuring a piece that
has appeared elsewhere in print or on the internet. Make sure you have the
appropriate permission to have the work featured and we’ll make sure to give
credit to the original publication. Likewise, if your piece comes to us first,
but you decide to release it in the wild at another time, please give us a
shout out when you pass it on!

Emma, all this is starting to
sound a little frou frou.
not a question…

What I mean is, exactly what
type of material are you looking for?
ANYTHING. Seriously. We will take ANYTHING. Not because we’re desperate
but because we truly believe that there are many ways for a voice to be heard.
So far we have featured an interesting mix of personal essays and creative pieces, but if
you’re not sure…just ask! Even if words are not your thing–talk to us about your idea for something in the visual realm–a graphic, cartoon, gif, doodle, animation, video sketch…etc. Our bottom line for all submissions is that the piece conveys a clear message relating to mental health.

But if I send you
something, when can I expect you to touch base with me?
 We typically respond within 24 hours just to confirm that
we’ve received something from you. You should hear back from us about
publishing details within the next two days.

Exceptions for this are:

1. If a new season of House of Cards has dropped.

2. If my magical Holy Grail of a moisturizer is suddenly discontinued (I
will be in mourning for at least a week)

3. If Adrien Brody shows up at my doorstep and asks me to run away with him
for a lifetime of love, happiness and film premiere parties.

You look like you still want to say something…  It’s not because I love the sound of my own voice, I swear. Although I was told once that I should narrate books on tape…

Emma, focus. Right! Sorry. *ahem* Just one last thing to bear in mind:

*All submissions will be considered, they will not be returned, and they are all subject to editorial control.*

Remember, y’all: this is a safe place! We are 100{c89cd7f4fa26d16537b3fe779361f4468ca92e80ef52e309b9ca31cbc1af2626} committed to telling your
story in celebration of YOU. Together, we are a community and this is one of
many ways that we can connect with each other and support each other. We can’t
do what we do without your incredible strength and bravery.



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